In Good Company

Sita and Chick at the park

Sita and Randy sharing a laugh

"Besides being a critical component of our mother's home care plan, Sita has also become our mother's dear friend, advocate, and supporter. Sita's compassion and ability to engage, interact, and draw out experiences that create meaning and purpose in our mother's life as she struggles with cognitive decline, are gifts that we are blessed to have found."

The Graves family

"Sita is so natural, we hit it off immediately. My son lives out of state, and my daughter is more than an hour away. They felt it was important for me to not be at home alone after my wife died. Sita came at the perfect time. She really helped me cope through that difficult period, and she's been a wonderful companion over the past three years. It's been so helpful to have someone outside the family to talk to."

Randy Suhl, 97

Retired machinist, GTD

"If I, or my parents, or someone I truly cared about was in need of someone checking in or helping out, I would hire Sita. I would always have peace of mind, knowing that she would show up and provide the love and care as if attending to her own loved one."

Peggy Hoime

Founder, Practical Happiness

"Sita is able to offer authentic and caring support served with truth and respect for the vulnerability and sensitivities of those she attends to."

Renee Mendez, Psychotherapist